International Politics
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International Politics

Unlimited opportunities

You can decide to be a no-one or you want to try to become a powerful politician or a super rich entrepreneur. The decision is yours, we are not going to dictate your way.

Rule your country

With a variety of tools, you can manage your country meticulously:
Set taxes, Build new buildings, Spy your neighbors, Trade with ressources, Research new oppurtunities, Found nation unions

How you manage your country is your decision, but always watch the satisfaction of your population.

A politics simulation never seen before

There is no AI, all countries and companies are user-driven.
There is not a single ressource that can be used or a kilo food for your population without a company producing it before.
Your main goal is to establish diplomatic affairs to get everything your population and your allies needs.

Always in development

We are always developing our simulation and are happy about every positive and negative feedback and also new cool ideas.
You can see the development status of bugs and new featues on our Trello Board:

Only with your help

You want to support this project?
First of all, thank you! You can do that by donating some spare money and/or sharing this website with your friends and join our discord:

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